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At the Culinary Institute of Barcelona we train with disruptive learning experiences for creative cuisine and leadership in restaurant management for the 21st Century.

    Culinary Institute of Barcelona See culinary courses

    The culinary school where chefs of the future are trained.

    • More than 600 students have experienced a transformation
    • Students from 75 nationalities choose the CIB
    • More than 70% are entrepreneurs who want to boost the sector.
    • More than 200 international internship
    • TOP worldwide, CIB ranked one of the best cooking schools.


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    Why CIB

    Because it is a different school with different methodologies, different content and different students.

    Because the social, economic, cultural, political, health and ecological paradigm changes require people capable of taking different risks, other ambitions and other values.

    Our programs

    During the next few years, the world will change radically and a new generation of professionals capable of leading this change will be needed. We prepare them for it.

    The CIB offers professional professional culinary programs and company impact program to the world.

    Do you want to know more about our courses?

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